Crujientes de pollo  congeldos artico
Veggies congeldos artico
Tiritas de Pollo con finas hierbas
Milanes Naplolitana Pollo Congelados Artico
paella mariscos congelados-artico
paella mariscos congelados-artico
Crujientes de pollo congeldos artico
Veggie Burger 0% Carne
Formitas de Pollo Medallones de Pollo Nuggets de Pollo Congelados Artico
Tiritas de Pollo con finas hierbas
Nuevas Miniaturas de Merluza a la Romana
Barritas de Muzzarella con finas Hierbas
Mundo SUSHI Congelados Artico
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Congelados Artico S.A


From Mar del Plata, the port city in the country par excellence, high quality frozen products are distributed from the company Frozen Arctic S.A the world and to your table.


Frozen pre fried breaded based hake, chicken and vegetable products
Veggie Line
Breaded line
Natural line
Line Artico
Line Imported


Our great strength is innovation, we are always looking for new products to satisfy our customers
News Congelados Artico

The company

FROZEN FOOD leaders in the Argentine internal market
a great trajectory ... makes the difference

We offer internal and external market food products of high added value manufactured with advanced technology in the country, combining tradition and innovation.

High Standard control the freshness of the raw material for obtain maximum product quality

Strong presence in the export market, backed by the high quality of our products.

  • Presencia #1

    on the market since 1985

  • High quality products #2

    with rapid production capacity and adaptability customer


    Customer service


    More and more people rely on Congelados Artico S.A

Guanahani 3449
Centro de distribución:
Irala 3898
Mar del Plata
 +54(223) 489-5459

 +54(223) 489-5488

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